IntelliPak Ltd.

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IntelliPak provides specialty packaging services for a wide range of industrial chemicals. The primary markets serviced are the rubber, plastics, adhesives and coatings industries. By working directly with chemical manufacturers, distributors and end-users, the company is able to understand specific customer needs and determine an appropriate packaging solution for meeting them.

Typically, this is accomplished with a precise weighment in a "waste free" container. The container can be a bag made of polymeric film, which is designed to dissolve or melt directly in an end-users formulation. This allows for the maximum benefit by eliminating internal compounding costs and providing a fully consumable package.

In addition, chemical exposure is reduced along with other ergonomic and health/safety concerns. IntelliPak shares in this responsibility by a complete understanding of the proper handling, storage, and reporting required with chemical usage and disposal.
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